With the trust of buyers and business partners, long-term connections are more important for us than a one-time benefit. We try to be open and honest with our customers, business partners, and network employees. We offer not only original Modafinil and a wide range of other medicines from the best manufacturers but also their generics that have the same effectiveness.

Address: +63 47 263 4359539 National Rd, Mariveles, 2105 Bataan, Philippines | Phone: +63 942 460 7857 | Website: https://medright-pharmacy.business.site/

OMG!! I can’t say enough about NICK, the pharmacist. His appearance was so clean-cut and professional the consult was the best I had. Nick was so amazing to make sure I understood everything and was cost-effective. The consult I had today will surely be a lasting impression of this company PS just a side note, the customer service front desk portion is very nice and sweet but may need a little tweaking with staff, but honestly, thanks again.

I’m sure there is a miscommunication here. From the patient’s perspective:- Call in to fill or refill prescription- Prescription should be ready when told to pick it up, no waiting, right?- Wrong. You wait a long while. What are they doing back there? From the MEDRIGHT PHARMACY‘s perspective:- Dark shroud hides what goes on behind the counter… Please advise as to what takes so long to provide Modafinil that has already been prescribed, readied, and postured to be picked up????

Address: Bayan Orani Bataan, Orani, 2112, Philippines | Phone: +63 939 587 7061 | Website: https://www.generika.com.ph/

From the moment I stepped into the office, I was welcomed by a pharmacy assistant. She gave me detailed information about their services and answered all my questions… very social and great personality. I liked how Dr. Edouard took the time to explain and answer all my questions. I also liked the fact that he provided me with Modafinil pills for pain relief for headaches, muscle aches as well as lower back pain… it worked wonders!! GOING BACK FOR MORE!

I have been coming to GENERIKA DRUGSTORE for years.. For the last couple of months, I have experienced poor customer service by Tiffany in the pharmacy. She is very RUDE. Today I called and was on hold for 52 minutes. I got in my car and drove there and was asked, “can I help you? When I told her I had been on hold for 52 minutes, she said it’s only two of us. Can I help you? Sometimes convenience is not enough. I’ll be moving all our prescriptions to another pharmacy.

Watsons Centro I
Address: Centro I St, Orani, Bataan, Philippines | Phone: +63 47 263 4346 | Website: https://www.watsons.com.ph/

If you haven’t been to Watsons Centro I, you’re missing out! Their new baby section is amazing. It has all the new cute must-haves! My pictures won’t load to show you some of their amazing Merchandise ;( I am expecting my first baby, and Jeff & Alicia were amazing. They sat down and went over everything with me to help me find the right Breastpump! Answered all my questions and was so nice and funny! Wonderful Customer service will definitely be back!

This is the worst pharmacy in the world. The ladies that work there are extremely rude. I was there yesterday, 4/15/21 next time, I have to go. I’m going to start getting names. And put them on display for everyone to see. I do not want to even give them 1 star. 1 star is way too much to give them I had a nurse tell me that this pharmacy is not good they need to fire all of them and get all new people.

Address: WET MARKET, Freeport Area of Bataan, Mariveles, 2105 Bataan, Philippines | Phone: +63 998 252 0240 | Website: https://ceciliaspharmacy.business.site/

Everyone who works at CECILIA’S PHARMACY is so amazing and kind. It’s a real small-town pharmacy where you’re not just a number, and they actually care about their customers. Very rare these days to find such honest and kind people. My Modafinil (Provigil) here cost the same as the chain pharmacies, but I’m not just a number, and I’m supporting a small local business. And they definitely deserve it!!! Thank you all for being so awesome and taking care of our community!

3 employees not wearing masks, shocking behavior considering the age and health condition of many of your customers. Also, constantly have issues with medications not being filled when my Dr sends them in. Been coming here for about 6 months, and every time it’s something. Not wearing masks is the final straw. It really highlights the level of not caring/incompetence towards their customers.