I was referred to strive through my caregiver at SOUTHSTAR DRUG. Ivermectin was my first order with them, and they were prompt, professional, and fast. I received my prescription in less than 24 hours by mail. So fast and convenient. Thank you for the great service. I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

Don’t get your vaccine here!!! The pharmacist refused to give it to my pregnant wife even though she was perfectly healthy and had a recommendation from her doctor saying for her to get it! Apparently, they don’t want women to have the vaccine!!! They want them and their unborn child to die of covid!!!

Mercury Drug Store
Address: Manuel Banzon Ave, City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines | Website: https://www.mercurydrug.com/

I’ve tried many of the pharmacies in town, and Mercury Drug Store feels a lot like the pharmacy I had in my small town in Minnesota. I am remembered, they are efficient and fast with great communication. The last time I was there, they found a coupon that significantly reduced the price of Ivermectin without me even asking 🙂

I have never had so many issues with a Mercury Drug Store. I have tried to pick up my prescription every day for the last three days, and they continue to tell me my doctor hasn’t called it in. I have talked to my doctor about it, and he has sent it multiple times. His office called today, and they told them that they did receive it but wouldn’t receive it until later in the day. They told me that once they got the call from my doctor’s office, it would take 15 minutes to fill, but I never got a call from them letting me know my prescription was ready. I’ve tried to call and have been taken off hold multiple times just to be put back on hold.

TGP The Generics Pharmacy
Address: STALL NO. A-2 UNITS, NEW BAGAC MARKET, Bagac, BATAAN, 2107 Bataan, Philippines | Website: https://tgp.com.ph/

Wonderful customer service with each visit. There was an error on google regarding the hours, and luckily the pharmacist saw me in the drive-thru on his way out and came back in so I could get Stromectol. He didn’t have to do that, but I’m so great full he did. Also, Ivermectin prices are way better than any in town.

TGP The Generics Pharmacy is horrible. I have been using this location for almost 20 years, and the last 12 months have been horrible. The pharmacist is not helpful, and they do not fill prescriptions correctly. I have had to return 4 times to get the correct dose, amount, and drug. BEWARE! When asked to get it corrected, they ask you to come back. It is unbelievable how poorly managed this pharmacy is. They seem to be completely overwhelmed and not capable of serving their patients. I miss the pharmacists that were there prior. They seemed to be able to manage the staff and patient needs. My advice is to avoid this pharmacy even you need Ivermectin for sale!

Address: Ground Floor Waltermart Balanga Brgy, City of Balanga, 2100 Bataan, Philippines | Phone: +63 47 263 4359 | Website: https://www.watsons.com.ph/

Becky was amazing. We had to get a very specific test for travel. Couldn’t even get my primary care physician to approve this test. We called several places that were closed for the day or just booked up. Becky got us in, and we had the results in an hour. WATSONS GF WALTERMART BALANGA, and Becky, saved the day. Great Big Thank You.

Honestly, this is probably the most unprofessional pharmacy I have ever used. You can never get through on the phone, and you will be hung up multiple times. The last time I called I was finally able to get through when the person asked me to call back because they were busy. I explained that I had been hung up on multiple times, and she proceeded to tell me yea, I don’t believe that, but I’ll take your call this time. Every person I come in contact with at this pharmacy has an extremely unprofessional attitude. As a nurse myself, I could never imagine speaking to patients the way these people are comfortable speaking to customers.