10 Photos from Instagram That Prove Kamana Sanctuary Subic Should Be Your Go-to Getaway

Imagine standing in this calm setting. In Kamana, the sea can take care of your worries back home.

Just want to stay in? No problem. Kamana Sanctuary provides high-quality room service.

Candid shots are easy if you’re in a sanctuary. (Also don’t forget to show your designated photographer some love, they want their picture taken too).

Who doesn’t love a good sunset view over the sea to cap off their day?

Flex your style effortlessly, because this resort looks gorgeous from every angle.

Have a photoshoot anytime and anywhere. Make it look like there’s a special occasion (even if there really isn’t any)

The monkeys are nice neighbors here and are worth a few pics to show your friends back home. Just be careful not to feed them though.

Not a fan of beaches? You’re in luck. Their pool is the next best thing.

Why chill in bed when you can chill in a hammock?

Still not convinced? Go see for yourself. Kamana Sanctuary is always ready to be your new getaway.