Row your way as the sea calls you for another adventure. Avail of our kayak, paddle board and water cycle and let your soul ride the breathtaking landscape of the bay. Approach our life guard and he will be happy to assist.

Beach Tennis

Getting tedious to an ordinary tennis game, why not do it at the Beach? We have beach tennis always available for you to enjoy. Raise your rackets up and feel the good vibes as you play beside the tides.


Make sure to catch and not to drop as you glide around at our Pool Garden area playing Frisbee and have an ultimate staycation.


Love to revel under the sun or just to look how the stars shine on you? We have hammocks available at the main grounds inviting you to lie beneath the astonishing view of the horizon and sway for a serene outdoor experience.


Tap your best bud for a friendly basketball match as we offer the best court that suits your adrenaline rush. Located at the wharf area, enjoy four quarters of fun and excitement.

Beach Volleyball

Bring you’re A Game and be the center of every action at the resort’s main ground with our beach volleyball. Definitely worth the hype as our activities are made of sand and sun.


Catch the waves crawling gently to the shore and prepare for an exciting adventure. Gear up, explore and be mesmerized by the beautiful aquatic scenery Kamana has to offer, scenery that will make you realize that life looks better under water.


Let the young tots’ laughter encircle your grand getaway with our very own playground perfectly designed for kids ages 3 to 12 years old. Capture every single moment as they climb the steepest hill, fly at the highest peak or even become the captain of the ship!

Board Games

Guess what the word scrambled to our thoughts as you and your family or friends get to bond even more while playing Scrabble, Pictionary, Chess or even Monopoly in every corner part of the room whether you feel like perching on the bed or at the verandah area. Indoor happenings will never be the same again.